Thursday, May 6, 2010

This is Megan

I've decided to make a tradition of my "public internet birthday card." So Megan Gamble, here is yours my dear...

Megan is the epitome of "do not judge a book by its cover."

Throughout centuries of societal expectations, "ladies" are meant to be as such: ladies. No bullying, no pushing, no wit, no banter, no yelling, no, no, no. For women it seems we have spent the better half of our gender history being told no. Megan, Megan screams yes. (metaphorically)

Megan can scream when she wants, trust me, but that's not what I mean. What I mean is that she embodies what I think the women of the 21st century should have: guts. And gumption.

Gumption is an old word in a sense. You think "gumption" and you think screwball comedies of 50's and 60's or the great heroines of the 40's. Basically the word is part of a past, a past of women who on the silverscreen took up the whole space they came into. Megan brings a room to its knees.

I met her because she was a friend of a friend and moved into my friends' new house. She, at first, was a stranger among friends. "Don't judge a book by its cover" statement comes into play when I first met Megan. She was cordial and serious. Her face read to me that she would break me in half if I said anything disagreeable. I smiled and kept quiet. (I'm very polite to strangers, and obscenely rude to friends).

But like all great things in life, especially in friendships, you can't recall when the "magic" happened. When I finally looked pass Megan's seriousness and saw the glint of sassy vibrance in her eyes.

Megan is listed in my phone as "Sassy Megan" and my nicknames do not come without absolute merit.

I'm picky with women, especially ones I care to hang out with. And mean actually hanging out. By this, I mean nothing fancy, hanging out to me is sitting around, talking, laughing, and enjoying the company you have. In this situation you care to hear what the other person is saying and not the person who you're waiting to stop hogging the keg pump.

When I sit and "hang" with Megan I'm happy. She's my kind of woman: insightful, articulate, sassy, and fierce. You will never meet someone as fierce and beautiful as Megan. I believe gumption manifests itself into true beauty. For a woman to have "it" within only emulates naturally to the outside. This is Megan.

In friendships you admire many qualities about such friend and appreciate the unique person they are. Few times, you find yourself a role model. This is Megan-to me.

To influence the courage to be exactly who they are, this is Megan-to others.

Making no exceptions for what she represents and for how much she knows and will learn, this is Megan-to the world.

For being kind and affectionate and loyal, this Megan-the REAL Megan. These traits line the pages inside the cover, and the few words to introduce her true character. Her narrative voice is welcoming and smart. Loud when it needs to be and soft when she wants it to be. Profanity is often used and never excused (my favorite, favorite thing about her), and her odd sweetness beneath it is revealed to the best of friends.

This is Megan- Sassy, in my book.

Happy Fuckin' Birthday.


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