Friday, May 14, 2010

Food For Thought: Burger Chivalry

It's burger time.

Burgers have been around for some time. I learned on the Travel Channel that the first burger was made at Louis Lunch in New Haven, CT. A man was on the go and there was no time to sit and eat his meat, his meat had to become mobile. Owner improvised (all great food is improvisational) with two pieces of bread and ground up beef. The beef was cooked in gas-fired broiler, bread was toasted and wah-la!: the birth of burger.

Now since then the burger has quite evolved from just your simple sliced bread. Decorations have been added and the burger continuously gets a new makeover every year, if not every month. The cheeses are different, the veggies can vary, the condiments are here, there, and mixed, even the buns have evolved. Buns can be white, whole wheat, multi-grain, or non-existent (aka the burger salad as I call it).

I dig burgers. I'm not much of a red meat eater. I'm a chicken. I eat chicken almost every other day and I wouldn't want it any other way. Chicken me up any-time. Maybe next friday. With red meat, I can definitely live without it if I so pleased, but the burger, the burger is my one true weakness with it comes to the cows. I can never resist one, especially a really good one.

The burger is a one-on-one relationship. When you're eating it: it's just you and the burger. You'll occasionally take a break and give your fries or onion rings some attention, but in the end, it's the burger you take home at the end of the night. You want to call the burger the next day and meet up again, but you know you can't sound too desperate-come off needy. The burger's popular and hot. You're just another admirer, another suitor, to add to the list. You wait three days and you're dying to see burger. Dressed up all sexy in grilled onions and a touch of thousand-island dressing that makes you weak in the knees. (You keep a bottle at home to remind you-quick fix).

You casually date and throughout you keep hidden the engagement ring you've kept since date no. 2. It's too soon you tell yourself. Burger has milkshake up all on its grille (pun so intended). But you calm yourself and just enjoy the ride. There's the juicy moments you live for when it all just melts into the heart of your tummy. Butterflies and all.

This is burger: the teasing sonvabitch of red meat. Forget steak-it's expensive. It's not hard to stay away from expensive when most of us are on a budget. But the burger is a bargain, and at The Burger Lounge it's trouble.

For 7.95 plus tax you get the supermodel of burgers. Grass-fed, this slice of cow is mooing in all the right places. Most cows are fed grain, which is an unnatural diet for them. Cows fed with grains are basically obese cows, but all that extra fat does not equal good in this equation. Being grass-fed, the meat is quality-not quantity. It's juicer, tender, and damn delicious. I had mine only a few hours ago for dinner. A healthy bonus is all the higher levels of omega-3's, Vitamin E, and favorable unsaturated fats. On each table-top, The Burger Lounge educates you on it's specialty beef with a pamphlet. It's good, curious reading material while you wait for your order.

Enjoy a beer too. Three taps: three great choices. Or the milkshakes-dear lord. I tried something different tonight though, and I went for the black iced tea, which was surprisingly refreshing. Without all the sugars of soda or the milk thickness in a shake, the iced tea allowed my thirst to be quenched while still leaving room to enjoy my burger without hurting myself, and my stomach.

I've been in a relationship with In-N-Out for sometime and we've had some great times together. We've been good to each other. But I'm not gonna lie, The Burger Lounge is new and exciting. It's the beginning of something different...the nerves, the need to impress, and look you're best. I mean it's grass-fed for God's sake at one single farm. It doesn't get around and you like that. Wholesome. Innocent on it's open pastures and sunny skies in Kansas.

I say, open the door and pull out the chair for this one. It's special.


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