Sunday, May 16, 2010

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

People and trash are pair to reckon with.

There's plenty of us (the people) and plenty of them (the trash). Together we take up a whole lotta space. We fight with it every day, pushing it to remind ourselves as much as it, that we are in control. The almighty powerful leader of the trash. And trash, trash is but our weaklings. It's pathetic and in the way; it reflects what we really don't care to see about ourselves. Trash is cruelly revealing. Why do you think all the great book detectives (and stalkers) start at the trash dumpsters? Our trash is our worse enemy because it can't lie.

Houses, apartments, or studios can be cleaned and painted over to give the of appearance of order. No one really ever likes to admit that they live in chaos and if they do admit to it, they're bragging and annoying the rest of us. However, back to my point, the trash swept aside and thrown into a hole-more or less- is the key. The key to habits and lifestyle. Are there generic brand wrappers? Or designer? Or Wal-Mart (the shame is too much). Is there moldy food, bananas, or tomatoes? Do you never cook even though your kitchen is lined with Rachel Rays and Jaime Olivers? Do you recycle? (Are you lazy?)

All these questions are answered by the evidence: the trash.

Sometimes, I think it's very curious when we create trash places. We decide and designate what is the trash and what is not. This I see at work DAILY. FYI: any space left empty is a space for trash. No napkins in the napkin holder? TRASH CAN. No sleeves in the sleeve holder? TRASH CAN. No bag in the trash can while I'm out putting away the old bag? TRASH CAN. (technically there's still a can and apparently, therefore, still game. ) The last one really gets to me. Do we really believe we have the magic wand when it comes to the throw of the trash in the can? It disappears and out of our hands and out of our minds and POOF! Magic.

That's our main problem: we believe we're magicians. Trash is like our rabbit coming out of our top hat, but in this case, we stuff the rabbit back in and leave it to the magic to make the hat empty and ready to wear again. Where the rabbit is will be the least of our worries. We got a top hat to wear!

When I see pictures and displays of our landfills or dumpsters, or beaches, or oceans, or parks, or streets, and even porches littered with our waste, I consider the rabbit and the top hat and grow increasingly concerned of the fact that the magic is not magic but merely a trick. Our trick is piled-far away- and gives Pixar psychic powers (i.e. Wall-E). Out of all the fads I have seen in my time, this "eco-friendly" kick is by far the best one we got. It's actually necessary and practical. Sorry fanny packs and scrunchie socks or ray-bans and vinyl records, but eco-friendly actual has a purpose outside of our own vanity.

True, recycling is only a solution to part of the problem. There's no escaping our every day waste and our every day mess. We eat, drink, blow our noses, and forget the shredded mexican cheese in the bottom draw of the fridge. We throw, and throw, and throw-shed off our skins. We emerge anew, hoping to God no one saw us taking out our trash, because the real magic is that we can. Still.

Enjoy it.

The rabbit's not going to cooperate forever. TA-DA.


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