Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lady Sings the Booms

****Prompt: Write about music. 

I can't wait to see her live for myself Oct. 5th...

  Since YouTube first hit the viral scene it changed things. It made superstars in basements, in bedrooms, and in their living rooms. People made their computers: the PCS and their Macbooks into their studios. They press record and just go for it.
            The Internet does that – all that space between your computer screen and the audience you don’t know; it’s conquerable. Magic happens; it’s like lightning interrupting your connection when you watch a video and someone important emerges. A voice you can’t get out of your head. A beat that pulsates still even after the loading bar has finished. You drag it back to the beginning just to see it strike all over again.
            This is Kimbra – at her live recording of “Settle Down” at SXSW. She sets herself up with two mics and her band: her iPads, standing side by side on a small table to hold each close to her. A large green billboard advertising her sponsor: an Internet radio player. Who thought any of those words would be said altogether?
            She’s adjusting the height of each microphone as a large crowd is already standing and waiting to see what will happen next. A few heads from the poke from behind their neighbor’s back to see if they’ve missed anything - just in case.
            There’s a sense of anticipation in all their faces. Their eyes darting back and forth to the crowd around them wondering if they’re thinking the same thing they are: who is this girl?
            Kimbra, meanwhile, is attentive to having her instruments opened and loaded. Her black bob envelopes her thin and delicate face. Full bangs complete the frame and you could almost mistake her for pinup doll if not for the unkempt waves that make her wild. Natural.
            She licks red painted lips and begins to form a steady hip-hop beat and then finishes it with a hiss.  Punching the air with the beat and softening it with the hiss she loops the first layer of the track and hits repeat. It continues to play as she brings her mouth back to the mic to lay the next layer: the booms.
            Her cheeks hard at work to make it bump.
            She glides her fingers and the booms mixes with the beat and the hiss. They play altogether and the volume rises.
            People begin to get excited. More heads begin to move in and out of the crowd to get a glimpse, make sure it’s real.
            And then she sings.
            Pops her cardigan’s collar and that’s when I love her
             When a fan is born.