Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Widow Feminist

I'm a book nerd. Through AND through. Alex is a comic book nerd. With a our mutual geekery in one form of literature or another we bond. But many times, Alex goes off about issue 34052 of X-Men and I start picking at my nails. Vice versa when I start going off about my recent trip to the Festival of Books and the great old man who was the greatest bookseller and my free penguin books tote bag with the purchase of 2 paperbacks, Alex starts picking at his toenails.

We love each other, don't get me wrong, but the "geeking out" moments we have are sometimes not translated to one another. But we respect each other's interest and because we love each other we pretend to listen for at least half the time the geek moment lasts.

Last night though, there was revelation: I geeked out and geeked it just like Alex. I had my "O" face (not that one) and all I could say was "Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!" I've seen Alex's face many times go in the similar fashion of pure excitement and sheer fanboy joy for Batman, or Wolverine, or The Shadow, or Hulk, or The Last Airbender.... and many more. Last night, in the dark crowd illuminated by the action spectacle of Iron Man 2, Black Widow and I had a moment.

I couldn't stop thinking how cool she was. I couldn't get over the fierceness, the ruthlessness, the EPIC-NESS MAN! I became a fangirl.

I'm a feminist. And I shave. And I wear make-up and stiletto heels (not all the time. Lord, not all the time) I'm a feminist and perhaps better yet-I support kicking ass. Tearing down the concept that girls are nothing but dainty "things," I want to roundhouse kick dainty. I want to punch weak right in the jugular and throw my meanest right-hook at passivity. The 3rd wave of feminism needs be an army of Black Widows. That, I am convinced in my fangirl fantasy, will make our past fighting sisters proud.

I know I sound ridiculous comparing a female comic character named after a spider to the new revolution for 21st century feminism but hear me out, I am supporting pure fearlessness and yes, a few defensive moves wouldn't hurt. Maybe a taser that slaps on the ground and shoots at your target from feet to head. Perhaps us ladies could take a second look at those yoga classes posted at our local gym and reconsider the benefits of flexibility. Self-Defense workshops should never be turned down and that punching bag where you spin should be your new friend for the summer.

Perhaps we can all find that Black Widow badass voo doo inside ourselves. Look in front of our mirrors and decide to KICK ASS.

As women we naturally would never abuse our newfound powers. We would be sly and secretive about it because common misconceptions must be shown not told. This sounds like I'm commending violence, and I am. I am commending the power to manipulate violence with intelligence and together be one helluva bitch.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that this my way of geeking and dreaming that I will one day lead an army of Black Widows to the world and finally get this 3rd wave of feminism some serious headway.

And Palin, you're not invited.


Deborah86 said...

Andrea you are amazing :) I really enjoy reading your blog and this past one just makes me smile and be proud to be a kick ass girl :) ha ha
now you should write a post about how writing long papers are good for the soul and maybe I will stop procrastinating and finish my dissertation :) ha ha

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