Thursday, April 15, 2010

You're Invited

Every Thursday is Farmer's Market Day on campus. Amongst my co-workers it is also know as "Andrea's Day."

I love food.

I love the spices (sometimes), the flavors, the textures, and most of all, the colors.

Food has the ability to have the greatest collections of colors. Like true art. I'm no epic cook of any sorts, I can do basic things and get by, but to appreciate what other cooks do, that, I'm a professional at.

Observing a dish is like observing a painting. You gotta take a real, good look at it. Don't rush. It's our rushing, as fast-paced Americans, that give us the habit of eating with no eyes. The eyes should also be given the pleasure of hunger as well. All senses should be a part of the feast!

Farmer's Market Day is my art gallery. In my mundane routine of turkey sandwiches, bagels, and multi-grain eggos, Thursday mornings I take an extra skip off the bus and walk towards the island of canopies and make my menu:

Lunch 11:30 am
Egyptian Shawarma
Jerk Fries

Lunch 4:00 pm
Beachcomber Crepe
-Strawberries, Bananas, and Cinnamon Sugar

On this day, yes, I have two lunches.

But today has inspired tomorrow. Every Friday I will like to introduce a a featured blog:

"Food For Thought" (Literally)

For each dish, let's talk. Let a cupcake take us on a discussion of friendship, or mashed potatoes with peas on what comfort really means. Jello on having fun and white herb chicken on relaxing. Food often goes unnoticed for its ability and power to make the best of conversations. The dinner table a sacred place to make words flow as easily as the wine.

So I invite you, every Friday, to join me at my dinner table.

Tomorrow, let's start with my favorite: strawberries.


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