Sunday, April 18, 2010

Super-Size, Please.

Yesterday I spent 8 hours at The Southern California Show Choir Invitational. It was a mix of awe and oh-god-I-remember-why-I'm-23-and-not-16-anymore. I was a bit out place naturally because I cared about less important matters like when my water bill was due and how much my new eyeglasses were going to cost me without insurance. Such concerns running through my mind during the day placed me in a very far away circle than the rest of these ladies clicking and clacking their way around to the main stage.

But regardless of the distance between them and myself, the awe was a bigger part.

Glee-sorry-doesn't even come CLOSE to what these kids are doing-if you can even call them kids once you see their talent. As a large group, it's hard to get that energy so focused to the point of sheer spectacular presence, but hell, all these schools achieved that, and more. I was impressed and nostalgic.

Now, I've never been much of a singer or a natural at choreography, but I could act. I still can act, the skills never really let themselves go. I'll act happy when all I want to do is throw hot water at rude customer # 2 for the day. I act cool when I'm not (ask any one of my friends.)

But really, throughout my high school journey, the stage was real home.

Being in the mist of talented teenagers, happy and joined in the passionate efforts to be larger than themselves, I thought back to my own group-The Engine Class. (they know who they are)

We were-the engine.

Best compliment, to this day, I have been given in regards to my drive. Granted, it was not only my drive that drove our department, a lot of other talents helped push my own.

One group can be so influential on your character-building. I owe a lot to my fellow "engine" colleagues to the attributes I have today: multi-tasking with heart.

The dynamics one encounters in a special blend of personalities can be once-in-a-lifetime. But as with all good groups, they are such: once. (All the more reason to enjoy it while it's in action). I honor merely a few:

The Lost writers-(damn) that's one helluva of group.

Judd Apatow & Company- HILarious. humbly so.

Conan O'Brien and peeps- I bow to your humor and spunk.

Girl Scouts-I bow down to your thin mints. and your salesmanship.

The Cast of Buffy- you really saved the world.

John Hughes & Kids- pioneers to teenage wasteland

COHS Engine Class 2001-2005- laughing and fighting the whole way through.

Groups are a part of our evolution as characters. Fictional or real. As adults, the group sometimes gets forgotten because our linear, singular path to our ultimate successes, but it's the company, the matrix, that makes the efforts bigger and the pay-offs better.

23 or 53-be larger than yourself. More than once.


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