Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hats On

Diamonds are not a girl's best friend, hats are.

Hats, actually, are everyone's best friend. Seriously. Whether on rainy, windy days or cold, windy days or i-forgot-to-wash-my-hair days, hats save the day. With style.

I believe my first hat was my Easter Sunday hat: wide-brim, thick pink ribbon to compliment the subtle pastels woven into a soft pattern. Sorry to admit this but Easter was all about the hat (for me, at 7 yrs old) and the gloves. Ah, the gloves (another fine accessory). But there was something about putting on that hat that made me feel older, sophisticated, and lady-like.

Nowadays the hat has evolved to many things for me. In all honesty it saves my ass most of the time, especially for work. Like I stated before, I am currently blessed with a no-uniform policy at my current job and most graciously hats are o.k. too. Our work is outdoors, so really on a day like today (rainy and windy) a hat is must.

I wore a purple hard felt cloche hat (bell-shaped and 20's inspired kinda look). A nice band tied across the brim that fell straight all-around; it was the perfect rainy day accessory. I considered the saggy, beanie cap that's crotched with heavy black cotton for extra warmth but I wanted color on a gray day so purple it was.

I'm glad to report that it was a hit. (Thanks Mom) And it got me thinking, where are all the other hats? I mean, why is that on an everyday basis in my San Diego community, especially at San Diego State, I don't see more hat wearers? And I don't count baseball caps. Sorry lads, but that's so...ordinary. When I think of hats, I think fedoras, newsboy caps, berets, knit caps, trilby hats, and panama hats. I think diversity. And for the baseball cap, the only diversity is in the color and logo, the structure is essentially the same. Hats are made to bend and shape into a distinctive style for a distinctive look for a distinctive person.

I know hats are not for everyone but maybe that's cause you haven't found the right one for you. I say explore the hat world. It's a daring and bold accessory that most of the time pays off because you took a chance. Or maybe it pays off because your head is warm and dry and happy. Either reason is beneficial.

And during the summer ladies, try on that wide-brim hat and bask in your lovely shade, and luxurious flair. That kind of hat, I promise, looks good on any face or head. Put those foxy sunglasses on, sit back, and relax. You'll thank me later.

And men, try on a nice Dobbs hat, or a linen blend fedora to give your head a nice breeze during the summer. Be cool and feel cool.

So I tip my cloche hat to you all out there. Bid you goodnight, with love.


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