Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bringing Funny Back

I love women that are funny. Like, real funny.

Lucille Ball had it all right. She was fearlessly funny. I mean that chocolate factory worker episode is hilarious EVERY time you watch it. Even if you don't crack up (which is rare), you can't help but giggle. Lots of times. Miss Ball had all the different faces, lighting up the screen continuously. She didn't "go for it" in her comedy, she jumped.

I love the jumping.

Tina Fey is my favorite modern day jumper. Lucille would have been so proud to see her in action. I went to go see "Date Night," (Tina's latest silver screen gig) at the early bird showing ( 6 bucks!) and could not be more in love with Tina Fey than I already am. I mean 30 Rock only is enough to call for a statue in her honor. Like "Tina, give me your funniest pose.." and BAM you got yourself the funniest work of art in New York City.

I think with all our yuck and grim of the day. 9-5 or 5-midnight, whatever your shift may be, it's hard to remember to laugh when all you want to do is cry because you're pretty sure your body hates you more and more every day for stressing it rather than massaging it.

I don't have a lot of money and therefore cannot afford (yet) a professional massage every week, but I do have my instant watch via Netfilx and I do have 30 Rock every week and I do laugh, heartily.

So women who are real funny are like this: they don't give a flying hoot. That is, they don't care or think inside that sweet feminine box the world decided to put us females in; the box that has way too many frillies and lace and no gumption for God's sake. We women need GUMPTION!

And Tina, and Lucille, and Porta de Rossi (Arrested Development), and Amy Poehler, got gumption. As women, what do we have to lose by being balls-out funny? Nothing! I swear. Perhaps you may not look pretty doing it or the humor may reveal more about women than women may like for others to be aware of, but hell, you'll laugh because it's so right!

Tina Fey's character in 30 Rock, eats. Like actual eating. Amen! She puts her face in her potato chips, rubs her belly when she sees a donut, and cries when she hears the "diet" and believe or not, no woman, and I mean NO woman is actual happy that she diets. It's just not funny.

But embracing the wonderful flaws we carry not only as human beings, but as three-dimensional females, that's the real last laugh. Tina and Lucille portray these dimensions. Portia's chicken dance in Arrested Development is the god damn funniest thing to watch a women with long legs do. And she looks goofier because of her lanky, long legs. There's no heels to make her calves look great, there's just her clucking and jigging. And she's beautiful.

Real funny women are hot.

Gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, funny, hot women should ban together and throw a pie in a model's face. Or pop Heidi Montag's boobs to see if candies come out. Or give those Gossip Girls a whoopie cushion.

Who knows what will happen if we can make all women, especially representations in the media, realize: we don't have be serious all the time.


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