Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Green Movement

The only con to working so early is that your day becomes so long. I was up at 3:40 am today. Yesterday at around 8:30 pm I realized that tomorrow was a shower day. 8:30 I know does not sound late. To some, and on the weekends, its just the right time to start cranking up “I Gotta Feelin’” by Black Eyed Peas and drink the night away. But on this Monday night it meant bedtime was soon and the shower another thing in my way from sleep.

Sleep is a precious commodity these days. Unfortunately I spoiled myself in the past several weeks sleeping in late and staying up late. The café was still under construction and training only a few days in between so I basically got a accidental vacation out of it. Now I’m paying the price and trying to keep my eyes open and nap-free in order to be ready to beat by 8:30.

It’s kinda of working.

I lay on my bed for what seems to be one minute of just decompressing and then DONE. Two hours later I curse myself. I don’t even want to know what will happen when I get a real bed vs. my endearing futon. My guess: another hour.

Business at Paper or Plastik is rising slowly but surely. Today I got off earlier than schedule and I found myself at home and lying on my bed at 10:07 am.


During accidental vacation that was when the day began and I peaked out of my covers.


I proceeded to intentionally fall asleep for 3o minutes and accidentally fell for 120 minutes. By then I felt more normal that it was noon.

But I have to say that it’s a bit thrilling that truly a whole day is ready to be seized still after a normal opening shift (5 am – 1 pm). There’s so much I want to explore and do while being in a new city. (Fencing classes will most likely begin in October after I purchase and change to an iphone and then things will really get fun. En grade!)

Today I left the comfort of my apartment and finally got the chance to check out Aroma Café. After this blog I’m checking out their neighbor, Portrait of a Bookstore. Tomorrow I’m checking out the Studio City public library branch.

I’m currently working on my untitled atwood/the hurt locker inspired short story. But I’m itching to get my hands dirtier-in research. I’m in a very learning addictive phase in my life now. Leaving the classroom after decades, my brain, like any good addict, is having frantic withdrawals.

I want to learn and right now I need to learn something that costs no money.

Hence the hold on fencing.

So tomorrow I’m hitting back to the drugs: books-and shelves of it. I’m signing up for a library card and I’m making Aroma Café my temporary desk till my actual one is finished up. I cannot allow myself to waste.

Knowledge is my green movement.

*Next blog: show and tell.


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