Sunday, September 5, 2010

Food For Thought: Carpe Diem

I'm a sucker for breakfast, especially ones that other people cook for me. One day I'll finally get Alex to make me breakfast and I'll wake up to pancakes and bacon sitting gorgeously in front of me, in bed.

But until then, I find Sunday that is conveniently my first day off in the past two weeks is no better time to go out and get me some breakfast. So I did.

I walked, which was refreshing considering all the driving I'm now doing. 2 minutes later me and Alex find ourselves standing in front of "Vivian's Cafe: Best Breakfast in the Valley!"

There's a crowd waiting to be seated which is already a good sign. And while I'm about to open the door to make my way to the hostess a nice gentleman opens the door for me. I say thank you and smile that the L.A crowd has those sweet spots. After checking in for a table of 2, Alex turns to me and says:

"Do you know who that guy was?"
"What guy?"
"The guy who opened the door for you!"
"The guy who plays Chuck on 'Chuck.' The spy show on NBC."
"Oh really! He's nice."

It's good to know that one of the few people I have met since moving here with good manners was an actor. I find it a respectable thing to meet fame with humbleness. The day I meet Tom Hanks I'm letting him know that.

So breakfast, I could smell from the outdoor waiting area all the bacons and pancakes being passed around. We were seated and I the food fates-that-be smiled warmly on me.

"Vivian's Cafe: the home of the banana pancake."

I love bananas. I'm Guatemalan. Why wouldn't I?

I love pancakes. For breakfast, lunch, or dinner. (Pancake dinners are my favorite).

Now Jim Gaffigan brings a hilarious point that the pancake is just fried cake we decided to make even more gluttonous by drenching it in sugary, liquidity sauce. But how does that not sound good?

I'm sorry folks but I'm over this yogurt and a nice small peach crap for breakfast, especially on a Sunday. It's sinful. God did not give us taste buds only to torture them and neglect them with the same ol' dietary meals. I get that on the Mon.-Fri. grind the quickie, more healthy breakfasts are the go-to and that's what I do, but for the weekend and the day before you get back into the grind work-wise and food-wise, you should indulge. One of the highly underrated keys to happiness is a pleased palette.

Today I was very please. My pancakes arrived polka-dotted with warm, gooey banana slices. Sitting all pretty on top. Each piece I cut and forked was strategically placed around each of the bananas. And each bite reminded me why banana was king.

Although, for the first time, I must criticize Vivian's for just one minor detail in the banana pancake set up, which is that I wish the slices were not only on top but also mixed in with the batter as well. Double the banana and double the joy. And I only say this because the banana I did have was an amazing texture. It's the softness. The pure supple state of the banana that makes the pancakes at Vivian's worth trying. Have a small side of bacon for crunch and that balanced taste of salt with sweet and you're ready to take on Sunday with zest.

My advice to all who read: don't skip one of the most important meals of the day. Don't half-ass it. Don't pass up the opportunity to hang out with friends or family and greet the morning with pancakes and laughs. Take your time. And I mean really take your time.

One of the most important meals of the day wants you to appreciate and get why it's so important.

Because on the weekends, the importance lies in the very act of defiance to the fast life.

Go bananas.


Kristiana said...

Sounds wonderful! If we happen to go there when I visit, am I allowed to sample the banana pancakes? Will I also be allotted my fair share of jelly? Food for thought ;)

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