Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My First Viral Gallery

I love photos. I love taking them, being in them (sometimes-my mother really pushes my high limit), looking at them, being inspired by them, and the mere fact that we are lucky to have such a technology that only seems to get better or faster or easier to continue this trail.

Photos are visible, tangible evidence that we were once there with friend A or friend B, lover A or lover B. Faces are placed in certain backgrounds. Chairs or tables or a living room, a club night we'll never forget or the day at the park that was just perfect. I love photos because they allow us to always remember, a external hard-drive for our memory so to speak.

Therefore, I give you my photos. I am but an amateur photographer, but there's something I can't explain about how certain things just kinda catch my eye. I really want to continue exploring the world of the photographic life.

One goal: learn to develop my own pictures.

Somewhere, and sometime soon, I'm going to find that dark room.

"These Heels Were Made For Walking"

"Send Me a Postcard"

"Accidental Cool"


"Matching Nike and Cat"

"Wood-Pane's View"

Maybe a new feature blog is now in the works....


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