Monday, April 4, 2011

Poetic Listening

I love voices.

Big voices.

If I could label my taste in music it would be such-big, fill-up-the-room-and-your-heart voices.

I recently went to go see a small show with Matthew Santos. He's best known for his great contribution to Lupe Fiasco's hit single "Superstar." You know that amazing hook/chorus? That's Matthew Santos. I loved that chorus and I adamantly went searching for this "Santos" fellow.

That was a few years back and since then I've written a short story based off his song "Love Sick Fool" (the story is even titled after the song), I've ponder many, many times to him, I've cried, and I've oooed and ahhhedd him to any one that will listen to me.

I finally got to see him live at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. I sat in the front-only inches from him and his guitar and yes-I did cry for the first time at a live show. In a concert, I've probably would have gotten away with my tears. Everyone so jammed together and looking only straight ahead, no one would have cared less to check if the strange, emotional chick next to them was crying for real or not. However, at the more intimate and quiet ambiance of The Hotel Cafe, most of the audience seated at tables, yeah-I'm pretty certain my lady neighbor to my right saw the tears I tried to hold back.

Why did I cry? Simple-I really love big voices. And Matthew's was enormous. It's so breathtakingly beautiful that the whole room was hushed for a full hour. His first intro song was all harmonies (not a word was sung) and people didn't even clap. Yes, we were that quickly mesmerized. His lyrics are sweet and contemplative, but his voice stole the show. As it should be. I teared up because who gets to see that everyday? I've asked Alex numerous times to sing for me but he continues to be a butthead about it so no-I can't witness firsthand a truly amazing voice.

After his show, I naturally was processing the hour that I spent and came to terms with the running theme in my music collection: the voices. Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Adele, Matthew Santos, Gavin Degraw (his stripped version of his album "Chariot" showcases the "voice" without all the rock fuss), Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Lauryn Hill, Freddie Mercury, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, and more!

Adele is currently on tour for her newest album "21." She's a favorite now among the American music scene and is booked in all the big venues in San Diego and LA. I'm passing though because I'm greedy now. Snobby too. I want to watch Adele in a place like The Hotel Cafe. I want to witness her "unplugged" session where there's only 20 of us. Hell, even my wedding would have to many people for my liking. Maybe, someday, the stars will align and I'll hear word of a super secret show Adele is performing. Lord-if that ever occurred-there would be tears. Tears, tears, tears. As a blubbery mess Adele might think me crazy or "that fan" but I'm okay with that. I can't help myself when my heart is full and my soul is soothed.

I am a poetic listener.

Crying is a natural side effect.

Adele "Melt My Heart to Stone"


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