Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For Me

Ok. I have to write the story somewhere before I start making things up. Granted, my future children and grandchildren will get a censored version until their old enough.

Intriguing beginning, no?...

But I have to write this before time and other matters like my book and all the planning and a bunch of other fuss makes the details fuzzy. So read if you like. This one, again (sorry followers) is more for me than you.

Hm. I'll keep these uber-personal blogs to a minimum this 2011-bare with me. I think I finally have a few things together in my life. Less boo-hoo more woo-hoo! (hahahahahaha I loved that I just wrote boo-hoo and woo-hoo in the same sentence. Ah....)

Continuing on-

On December 28th, 2010 Alexander Michael Dandino proposed marriage to I, Andrea Georgina Galvez.

Holy. Balls.

Now, holy balls would have been a much more appropriate word choice than my original repetitive phrase throughout the whole exchange.

"Shut-the-fuck-up" doesn't have quite the lady-like ring to it. But really, who are we kidding. For the better part of my daily speech, and more so around the ones I feel completely comfortable with I really don't know how to talk (politely). Hence my guess why I get so sick of myself at work sometimes cause all I say are nice things, but luckily my co-workers are just as bad as me so the backroom keeps me grounded to my usual shit-talkin'-self.

I'm fairly certain I'll stop cursing when I start raising my first child. At that point I'll just start spelling (thanks Jaime Bauer for the model on that one :wink:)

The time I believe was about 2:00 pm. (I know this because my car oil change appointment with Goodyear was 2:30 pm.

Yes, I was late.

But I like to think my excuse for my tardiness is valid.

Quick background tid-bit about me: I love wearing comfy pants. Literally the first thing I do when I get home from work is put my pajamas pants on and take off my shoes. Instantly work is off when my jeans are off.

I was lounging about my recently-bought and wonderfully cushiony bed when Alex came into the room. I hugged him and asked if we could watch the rest of "How I Met Your Mother" later that day. He said yes and I remember feeling very content with a hug from Alex and the future viewing of HIMYM. Life-in that moment-was nice.

Time was ticking and I grabbed those darn jeans to be ready to leave for my appointment. No sooner had I finished buttoning that Alex did one gesture that made me know EXACTLY what was coming. Alex raised his arm, extended his hand, and spread his fingers wide followed with a "OK. I'm sorry this is not the best time..." and then I started cursing.

And laughing.

You know the feeling when you're in the library and you stumble upon the funniest thing you have ever seen/heard and you CANNOT stop laughing, but because you're in the silence of a library you have to stifle it which then only leads into a fit of giggles that never ends?

Times that by like a gazillon and that's how hard I was laughing while Alex endearingly asked me to marry him.

So I: cursing and laughing
And Alex: asking and kneeling

made a deal to be around each other for as long as we lived to see what would come of our lives-together.

It was a beautifully, hilarious, casual proposal that had Alex's name written all over it.

Romance from Alex lies in his idiosyncrasies as boyfriend, fiancee, and future-husband. It's the little moments he gives me that make me want to stick around forever to collect as many as I can.

Ok-haha-I have to stop here. I'm getting way to caught up in writing about this. This is as far as I will go publicly (I gotta save some for the wedding). As writers, I asked Alex if we could please write our own vows. I mean, we can handle that much, can't we? We'll see.

As for now, I'm digging back into my book. I have a goal of completing 5 interviews per month for the next three months so that by April I start the real work-the writing and the structure.

This pearl better not be so distracting when I start typing...


Deborah86 said...

Congratulations! This is so amazing and I am so happy for you :) I definitely have to meet this guy one of these days... ;-) much love and happiness to you both!

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