Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pajama Productivity

I haven't gone to the public library yet. So the show and tell blog will be for later this week. However what I did do today on my only day off was sit in my pajamas for the better part and watched movies/Veronica Mars.

My consensus:

-The Young Victoria was not as bad as I had expected. A bit monotone in plot but wonderfully acted on Emily Blunt's and Rupert Friend's part. I was very much impressed with Friend's subtle ability to be the love interest. The whole romantic plot line of the film was actually overall not cheesy, or rolling-of-the-eyes quality. So cheers to that.

-The Notebook. I know. But after not-so-cheesy-teary-eyed in The Young Victoria I decided I wanted that. The film still gets me to cry like a baby. (No surprise). And damn that Ryan Goshling and Rachel McAdams for being meant for each other and but are now broken up. The movie: truly bittersweet.

-Veronica Mars, Season 3, episodes 19 & 20 are the final two in the third installment of a cleverly written detective meets high school melodrama. You got mystery, intrigue, love triangles, and sass. I must say, it's watching a sassy female lead that makes me think I could have a place in this world after all.

-Speech writing. I wrote my maid of honor speech after watching The Notebook. Honestly more than any other hopeless romantic intention, I watched the film because my mom gave my sister, Karla, the movie as a gift at her bridal shower. I knew I needed to get on writing this ever-so important speech and watching the film did its job: it inspired. Immediately following the end and as the credits rolled with it's wonderfully sad piano ballad, I wrote.

And I liked it.

Even after a quick edit, and adding only one more sentence, it was there: what I wanted to say and in the only way I could say it in. It was very me to very Karla and Andy. Or I hope it is. The biggest challenge lies in my ability to read it and still articulate coherently while crying.

I did this all while wearing my pajamas. And I have to say, I wanted it that way. For working almost every day of the week, I take pleasure in not having to go somewhere on my day off. The whole not having to dress or wear make-up is the best part. I highly recommend to all the ladies out there to have such days, especially make-up free days.

If anything, I making up for the fact that I work tomorrow and it's Paper or Plastik Cafe's (my new job) grand opening party. So I have to dress up, twice. But I'm happy to, so far the cafe has been a great success with various blogs and yelp reviews that are singing our praises. My personal favorite yelp quote is "even though they have fancy pants coffee, the staff is all very down-to-earth and friendly."

So there you have it: my Thursday.


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